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          Turnbuckle、terminal、eye screw
          Wire rope clip、round ring..
          Eye nut、eye bolt、bolt、nut..
          Snap hook、Quick link、hook...
          Pulley、swing swivel、dee type..
         ADD:YunSan industrial park of SanQi town YuYao,NingBo,CHINA
         E-mail:[email protected]

          Ningbo Yunhai Metal & Rigging Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000, is a professional rigging manufacturer, the company technical force is abundant, and equipped with perfect stamping, gold processing, polishing, testing and other advanced technology and equipment, etc. The company is located in ningbo yuyao city yunshan industrial zone, from ningbo international airport is only 20 km away from ningbo port harbour and only 40 kilometers, is located in the coast of east China sea, the traffic is very convenient....

        The company webs..
        Italian type wire rope clip YH0203
        Repair link YH0521
        Duplex wire rope clip YH0207
        European type thimble YH0215
        Aluminium snap hook YH0513
        Wire stretcher YH0213
        TURNBUCKLE DIN1480 YH0105
        Simplex wire rope clip YH0208
        Stainless steel crushed threaded rod YH0112
        Stainless steel eye swage terminal YH0110
        Welded triangular ring YH0211
        JIS frame type turnbuckle two jaws YH0104
        US typewire rope clip YH0202
        Terminal with thread YH0109
        Square plate with eye and ring YH0409
        Jaw terminal with thread YH0113
        Jaw swage terminal YH0111
        Closed body turnbuckle with jaw/swage stud YH0102
        Closed body turnbuckle with two jaws YH0101
        Wire rope clip DIN741 YH0201
        S type hook YH0519
        Round ring YH0209
        DEE type shackle YH0303
        Dee type ring YH0210
        COPYRIGHTS:©Ningbo Yunhai Metal & Rigging Co.,Ltd.  ADD:YunSan industrial park of SanQi town YuYao,NingBo,CHINA  POSTCODE:315412
        TEL:0086-0574-62940668  FAX:0086-0574-62940661  E-mail:[email protected]
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